LogoAmMotionWebA strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition

for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities

Brief description

The overall objective of the AM-Motion CSA is to contribute to a rapid market uptake of AM technologies across Europe by connecting and upscaling existing initiatives and efforts, improving the conditions for large-scale, cross-regional demonstration and market deployment, and by involving a large number of key stakeholders, particularly from industry.

The AM-Motion proposal will achieve a unique combination of expertise and networks in the following important areas:

  • Key technological capabilities and infrastructure (technology development and supply)  
  • Barriers and market failings to industrialisation and deployment (both technological and non-technological)
  • Key future applications and markets o Relevant industrial lead-users
  • Links with regional initiatives and policies

 By doing this, the AM-Motion project has the ambition to develop a strategy and set up the pillars for its efficient implementation that, ultimately, will contribute to reinforcing the European ecosystem of AM.


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