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for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities

Main outcomes


Selection of Key AM Sectors for Europe D2.1_Key_AM_Sectors_for_Europe_.pdf

Regional AM mapping of competence update D2_2_AM_Motion__Regional_AM.pdf 

European and National Initiatives and RDI programmes AM_Inititatives_and_RDI_programmes.pdf 

EU, National and regional AM Projects mapping D2.5_EU_National_and_Regional_AM_projects.pdf

AM standardisation framework D3.4_AM_standardisation_report.pdf 

AM Regulatory, EHS and IPR framework D3.3_Regulatory_EHS_and_IPR_framework.pdf

Evaluation of employers needs D3.5__employers_needs_FINAL.pdf 

Mapping of courses and projects about AM skills, education and training D3.6_Mapping_AM_educational_initiatives_FINAL.PDF

Report on new paradigm and ICT tools for AM integration D4.2_Report_on_new_paradigms_and_ICT_Tools_for_AM_integration.pdf




AM motion outcomes