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for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities

Scope and approach

Five main statements underpinning the concept and actions to be carried out under this project have been defined:

AM motion scope


Based on this scenario, AM is an area of knowledge that needs a specific strategy implemented at European level, which is based on existing strengths and assets in strategic VCs and financing sources. AM-motion takes up this challenge and reacts to these statements by activating the European AM community.

It intends to identify gaps for business development and to overcome those by proposing specific actions and timescales. AM-Motion addresses not only technological aspects but also aims at identifying other horizontal and societal issues, such as IPRs, standardization, EHS, and education to ensure the further innovation and deployment of AM.

Moreover, it also include the direct involvement of regions to ensure AM RDI policies coordination and efficient use of resources, capabilities and infrastructure.

The approach is based on the three key steps:


Step I: AM market assessment and AM Landscape mapping

This approach will primarily focus on identifying key sectors and applications where AM can play a key role in Europe and design the corresponding industry driven Value Chains (VCs). Regional, EU and international initiatives, AM related projects, capabilities and strategies will be identified and clustered around the key sectors and their VCs.


AM motion approach step I


Step II: Analysis of key aspects for industrial implementation

Frameworks for stakeholders for facilitating joint business exploitation and the integration of AM technologies within the concept of Industry 4.0 (i.e. highly ICT connected industries) will be established. Moreover, non-technological aspects that can hamper implementation will be analyzed: regulation, education, standardisation, EHS…

AM motion approach step II


Step III: AM strategy for market deployment

The roadmap will consider the selected VCs and preliminary findings delivered from the above steps. It will extend as a guide to ensure cooperation and complementary between different expertise and capabilities at regional, national and EU levels. The core of AM-motion roadmapping and networking activities will be performed by the consortium and the interaction with the groups of Experts to be formed.