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AM E-Tool/database

The project is carrying  out several clustering actions around selected value chains following preliminary actions at FoFAM Project. Initially, the focus is on the analysis of AM-Related projects and the regions expertise to create a database of capabilities and latest developments around the key sectors.

The cluster database appears in the AM Platform website www.AM-platform.com. The AM-Platform is a direct link and a reference to the AM community. In fact, today it counts with more than 550 members, 55% coming from industry.

To access to the database, it is necessary that the user is registered and logs in as a member of the AM Platform. Registration is very easy and free of charge.

A welcome page is made with some explanations of the purpose, the use and possible reports to be obtained from the database. The menu options make it very clear for the user how to work with the system without any other additional instructions. The structure of the menu options contains the following options:

• AM      Sector value chain
• AM      Projects
• AM      Regions
• AM      Actors

The database is already filled with the relevant information available now from the sectoral value chains, the projects, the regions and the actors. It will be continuously disseminated and updated.

European AM related ACTORS document

If you wish to be included in the AM database, please fill in the corresponding template as a project, actor, or a region, and send it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ACTOR's profile template AM-Motion1_Actor_Database_template.xlsx


REGION’s profile template Region_Database_template-AM_motion.xlsx