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AM-motion Roadmap

Based on the identified challenges and opportunities, AM-MOTION roadmap proposes future actions for the AM development and successful market uptake in target sectors: 

  • Health;

  • Aerospace;

  • Automotive;

  • Consumer goods and Electronics;

  • Industrial equipment and Tooling;

  • Construction;

  • Energy.

The roadmap includes also cross-cutting actions (technical and non-technical), covering several sectors.

The complete version  can be download HERE.  

Summary version.

AM-MOTION roadmap may be seen as an evolution of FOFAM[1] Roadmap, which has been further developed and expanded in AM-MOTION project involving around 100 external experts through physical meetings and remote surveys. 

Future plans for implementation of AM-MOTION actions and further development of the Roadmap, including the expansion towards other sectors (e.g. railway, maritime), are going to be performed mainly by the European Technology Platform on Additive manufacturing “AM-Platform” in alignment and strong cooperation with other key European initiatives, such as CECIMO, EPMA ,the standardisation bodies….

On the regional side, cooperation with the Vanguard Initiative, ERRIN and key regional/national cluster/networks will continue for the identification of a short list of AM-MOTION actions to be carried out also at regional and national level, in alignment and complementarity with EU priorities.


[1] https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/193434_en.html