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AMAZE Project - Technology Forum 2017

7th June 2017-Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre, Coventry

AMAZE – Additive Manufacturing Aiming Towards Zero Waste & Efficient Production of High-Tech Metal Products - is the largest and most ambitious European project in the field of metal additive manufacturing, through a collaboration of 26 world-leading companies and institutions. The project aims to transform additive manufacture (AM) of metallic components into a mainstream industrial process.

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19th AM Platform stakeholders meeting June 14th in Zürich (Switzerland)

19th AM Platform stakeholders meeting June 14th in Zürich (Switzerland) We are glad to let you know that for the 19th AM Platform meeting, we will reach out to our Swiss AM colleagues in Zürich (Switzerland).

The meeting will be under the patronage of Swissmem-SAMG, Manufuture-NTN and SATW and kindly hosted by MAN Diesel & Turbo.

(SAMG… Swiss Additive Manufacturing Group; NTN… National Technology Network; SATW… Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences) 

The venue will be in Zürich, start 10.45 and end at 17.30 including an “AM-motion” project  presentation and a  MAN facility tour.

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Have your say in shaping the next generation of nanomaterials for 3D printing and more!

FutureNanoNeeds is a project funded by the European Commission under FP7, aims at developing a novel framework to enable naming, classification, hazard and environmental impact assessment of the next generation nanomaterials prior to their widespread industrial use.

As part of the tasks performed in this project, a set of value chains centred on key nanomaterials has been defined, including one on 3D PRINTING. General descriptions of nanomaterials in terms of key properties and of the target applications and final products are reported. Also, advantages with respect to state-of-the art materials or competing nanomaterials were summarized and current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the value chain were also estimated. Market analysis was described in details for each value chains, estimating market size, trends, geographical distribution, and segmentation by technology/material and by application and top companies.

Now, we need your contribution to validate some of this findings. To do so, please fill in the online survey available here

We would greatly appreciate your response by March 17, 2017.

Please feel free to contact us for any comment or suggestion: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IPR Helpdesk & CEN-CENELEC joint webinar on IP and standardization in H2020

14th March

In light of our various discussions and collaboration with regards research, innovation and standardization it might be of interest to your Members and networks to note we are co-organizing a webinar with the IPR Helpdesk on H2020 support tools – IP and standards, on the 14th March. For those Brussels based, direct participation is also possible.

More information on the webinar and registration link can be found here.


16 March 2017- Brussels

Cybersecurity is linked with threats, attack, crime and damage. This ‘noise’ makes it hard to discern the real issues, understand the key challenges and therefore to devise appropriate solutions. 

Cybersecurity is becoming relevant to all industry sectors not just the ‘natively digital’, but also traditional industries as they digitally transform their processes, systems and supply chains.  While this shift opens up opportunities, it also creates threats to operational safety, robustness and resilience.  CEN and CENELEC will engage industry to define their standardization needs for functional safety and digital protection of their processes, systems and data. 


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