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AM-motion roadmap summary

This document aims at presenting the Additive Manufacturing (AM) implementation map on market driven value chains and constitutes an open working document, developed in the framework of AM-motion project “A STRATEGIC APPROACH TO INCREASING EUROPE’S VALUE PROPOSITION FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES AND CAPABILITIES ” (Grant agreement no. 723560). The report presents a summary of the roadmap main findings in terms of roadmap vision and future actions proposed to address the identified challenges.

The overall aim of AM-motion roadmap is to create a common vision for successful European leadership in additive manufacturing, addressing the societal challenges of our time, and to suggest common goals and specific actions to solve the existing gaps between the current status and the target vision.

AM-motion roadmap is as an evolution of FOFAM Roadmap, which has been further developed and expanded in AM-motion project by means of combination of desk research (integrating the results of key initiatives in AM) and working group sessions, involving around 100 external experts through physical meetings and remote surveys.

The sectors and market addressed in this roadmap have been selected in line with FOFAM initiative and according to AM-motion project need to be relevant to the technological advancements across Europe and their potential to posi­tively influence societal and economic challenges. Therefore, this selection is based on the evidence collated from the sector surveillance activity and the growth and impact analysis performed within the project and the contribution of the external experts attending the AM-motion workshops.



Version: October 2018