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Report on 3D-printing: Current and future application areas, existing industrial value chains and missing competences in the EU

This report aims to detect missing capabilities in European regions regarding current and upcoming 3D-printing applications. This will lay the ground for closer cooperation between actors across EU regions to accelerate the market uptake of 3D-printed solutions.

This study on 3D-printing value chains (falling under the category of Advanced Manufacturing technologies) is one of the European Commission's actions to boost the industrial deployment of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in Europe.

The report uses a regional perspective to analyse missing Additive Manufacturing (AM or 3D-printing) capabilities in Europe. AM is still at an early stage in most application areas, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular face barriers to take up this expensive and differentiating technology, developments in which remain steered by large companies and Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs).

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